May 16, 2022

Camping Out In 50 Acre Park

Frank Murray of the Evergreen Park Public Library visits again, but this time he has plans for EP families to camp out under the …

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May 9, 2022

Something For The Kids

Local author Z Jeffries announces the title of his first book in a science fiction trilogy surrounding the adventures of a 13-yr …

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May 2, 2022

Another Fun Evergreen Park Event Is Back!

The theme of 2022 may be "The Return" as everything seems to be back. We are joined by one of the new organizers of the returning…

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April 25, 2022

Picture Perfect Plans

The Evergreen Park Recreation Department has a few options for Summer Camps, and it sounds like the perfect thing for your kids. …

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April 22, 2022

Losing Weight & Living Right

On this Weekend Edition of The EP Podcast we sit down 1-on-1 with Dr. David Beckmann to talk about weight loss, exercise, red mea…

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April 18, 2022

Tree City U.S.A.

Evergreen Park is now "Tree City USA" and we have one of the folks who worked hard to get that distinction for the village. Gavin…

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April 11, 2022

The Library Needs More Monkeys

Frank Murray of the Evergreen Park Public Library has all kinds of events coming up including Earth Day activities, an appearance…

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April 4, 2022

What Would You Like In Evergreen Park?

Local Evergreen Park business owner Reid Nuttall unveils a new Evergreen Park Economic Development Advisory Group looking to brin…

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March 28, 2022

People Helping People

Evergreen Park Chamber of Commerce President Sara Klein returns with upcoming new events like boat parties with fireworks. Find o…

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March 25, 2022

A Conversation With Mayor Kelly Burke

On this Weekend Edition of The EP Podcast, Evergreen Park Mayor Kelly Burke spends time talking about new pilot programs coming t…

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March 21, 2022

Deal Us In

Evergreen Park card sharks will be gathering this weekend for a big Texas Hold'em tournament. We sit down with the organizer and …

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March 18, 2022

At EPCHS They’re Making A Difference

On this Weekend Edition of The EP Podcast, we chat with Eileen Durkin about a group of teens at Evergreen Park Community High Sch…

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March 14, 2022

Eating Cake In Evergreen Park

This week we are snacking on unique southern-style cakes from Evergreen Park's newest business, Kesha's Kakes. Learn exactly what…

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March 7, 2022

Controversy, Politics, Medals & This Guy

The "Fourth Biggest Draw" on The EP Podcast, Frank Murray of the Evergreen Park Public Library, returns to reveal that he is runn…

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March 4, 2022

2022 Spring Movie Preview

On this Weekend Edition of The EP Podcast, we preview all of the big movies and media hitting theaters and your streaming service…

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Feb. 28, 2022

Welcome To Abbey Road

Evergreen Park welcomed home Olympic Silver Medalist Abbey Murphy, and we have the audio from an incredible event that saw 92nd &…

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Feb. 25, 2022

Evergreen Park’s Old Time Radio

On this Weekend Edition of The EP Podcast, we chat Glenn Pniewski about the weekly production of old time radio by the Candleligh…

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Feb. 21, 2022

Two Trustees Plus One White Sox Pitcher

Evergreen Park Village Trustees Mark Marzullo and Norm Anderson return to talk about the sale of a well-known EP building, and wh…

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Feb. 18, 2022

Let’s Talk Evergreen Park Real Estate

On this Weekend Edition of The EP Podcast, we chat with local real estate expert Laura Kelly of Coldwell Banker Reality about the…

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Feb. 14, 2022

A Dream Of Spring

A debate continues around masks in schools as local parents rallied again at Queen of Martyrs in Evergreen Park to get their prin…

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Feb. 11, 2022

A Conversation With Doc Mathius

Earlier this week the principal of Queen of Martyrs in Evergreen Park went against the Archdiocese of Chicago and declared masks …

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Feb. 7, 2022

Warm Feelings During A Cold February

With snow everywhere and cold temperatures, it is easy to simply give up on the month of February. Frank Murray of the Evergreen …

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Jan. 31, 2022

Pastor Chris Covers A Lot Of Ground

With an open seat now available in the Illinois 1st District, much of the east side of Evergreen Park and nearby area will have s…

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Jan. 24, 2022

Your New EPCC President Has Big Plans

New Evergreen Park Chamber of Commerce President Sara Klein has big plans to expand the chamber, providing helpful services to lo…

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